​Benefits of the O.S.C.S.

  • It catches and separates the oil from the metal shavings while recirculating the oil. 
  • It prevents oil spillage on the job site and while transporting from job site to job site.
  • It keeps a cleaner, safer and environmentally friendly work place. 
  • The oil reservoir is completely sealable with a pressure vented cap. 
  • The catch tray has a latching lid that doubles as a back splash.
  • The reservoir holds one gallon of cutting oil. 

The Oil and Shavings Containment System, (O.S.C.S.), is manufactured in the USA and is protected with a Patent. 

oil & shavings containment system

The Davis Groupe is focused on the environment and innovative solutions. We are proud to announce the offering of a new product, The Oil and Shavings Containment System, O.S.C.S.​​

Made of aluminum, it's smooth construction makes it light weight, durable, easy to clean and rust free.   It will dramatically improve the overall cleanliness of your work area while keeping oil from spilling or becoming contaminated from rain, snow and the elements.  It also solves problems that are created when the machine moves around during use and looses alignment with the oil pot.

don't just take our word for it...

I have been using OSCS Oil and Shaving Containment System on my Ridgid pipe threader for approximately six years, and I couldn’t imagine not having it.

The system works great for keeping my jobsite clean, and for having a steady supply of oil for my threading jobs. I transport my threader to all of my pipe threading jobs, and the system is easy to disassemble and reassemble at the jobsite. It is lightweight but very durable.

All said I would highly recommend to anyone using a portable threader to invest in this product! I love mine and I get quite a few comments from my customers on how neat the threader area stays.

For anyone reading this I do not know anyone involved with the OSCS production or sales, and they have not paid me or given me anything for my comments. I just really like the system and would like to see it stay on the market!

James Meyerhuber
Jamesway, LLC

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