Job Shop machining, fabrication capabilities,  Global OEM Manufacturer, Conveying & Material Handling,  Specialty Engineered Laser Cut Lockout Boxes for Stamping Equipment,  Stamping DIE Components, Ladles and Gearboxes for forging equipment, Specialty Sorbents

Customized Onsite 3-D Printing

Cold Jet Equipment Rental 

Custom build of wire cables and harnesses

  • Molded end connectors used for engine testing (Hot/Cold/Advanced Test)
  • Assembly line, check harness function
  • Testing Equipment to self-test cables/harnesses
  • I/O Cables, AVM Cables, Pump Sensor Cables, Communication Cables, Cable Tool Changer, Surface Mount Control Boards used in AVM Cables
  • Other Cables: DIE Interlock, DIE ID, DIE Locate, Robot Cables, DIE Air Hoses

Automation is one of the fundamental aspects of modern mass production.  The Davis Groupe supports automation in a variety of fields such as: Program Design using customer specified PLC manufactures, onsite modification of existing programs, and installation of new motion controls. 


Whether your project is simple or a fully automated process with multiple components, our experienced team is ready to be your stress-free turn key solution.  

A&D Enterprises, Inc, sister company of The Davis Groupe, LLC is a fully licensed and insured Tennessee industrial contractor specializing in industrial installation services.  Our goal is to keep your equipment operating efficiently to keep your manufacturing line running smoothly. A&D Enterprises goes the extra step to ensure that your equipment is installed quickly, efficiently and safely. 

 Our team has experience installing everything from overhead cranes to implant offices.  A&D Enterprises supports product flow in a multiple of ways.  Our Team understands that different situations require different solutions.  ISN Certified – ID#400-223882

Plants are always moving!  Whether it is conveying product from one process to the next or material storage, we provide a variety of conveying solutions. From belt-driven variable speed conveyor, gravity fed modular conveyor, custom conveyor or overhead track conveyor – there is no conveying project that is to big or to small.  

We provide modular tubing solutions as an economical and quick choice for light-weight parts and our extruded aluminum is an excellent choice for heavier, more substantial parts.   Our engineering team has experience with injection molded components, painted material and both the modular tubing and extruded aluminum can be infinitely modified to suit your material handling needs.  

For 20 years, we have been the leading source for conveyors, customized wire testing cables, guarding applications, assembly tables, and special tooling.   

Equipment Rental

Material Handling


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The Davis Groupe can address the needs of any size project with a system-wide multiple-disciplinary integration platform.  Our team brings experience and product knowledge to fit specific needs by blending engineering, controls, and fabrication.

We create solutions that address any size facility’s needs.  Our team is equipped to work onsite to install, modify or maintain current or future production line needs. 

​(615) 907-6350​


products & services


We work with a range of materials from traditional steel and aluminum, to cutting edge 3D printing.  We utilize 2D prints and advanced 3D modeling to design your prints and bring them to life.

Our designing skills and fabricated products are used by leaders in multiple industries.    

Cold Jet Dry Ice Equipment - We rent per day, week or the month.

Dry Ice is also available for purchase. 

Click Here to see equipment details and rental rates.

The Davis Groupe goes the extra mile to ensure that your equipment is installed quickly, efficiently and safely.  Our team has experience installing everything from overhead cranes to implant offices.

We support installation from concept to buy-off.  We want to be your go-to company from the design stages to installation, including modification and upgrade. 


a few of our services

  •  INSTALLATION